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midday in the afternoon. high, thin ones there gave us a pretty sunrise. this morning, our temps down in the low 20s manassas and culpepper. there are your teens from frederick up to northern frederick and into york, pennsylvania. warm spot is 34 in annapolis. our high temperatures will hold in the 40s in the northern shenandoah valley to around 50 in town. lower 50s well south of d.c. monika samtani, it is tuesday. 6:00 a.m. what you got for us? >> a couple of little incidents now popping up, really all around town. first of all in maryland, i told you about some water in the roadway on the inner loop right here in bethesda at old georgetown road cleared up. you should be ok in that area. we'll zoom into the west side. first of all, 66. slow traffic in centreville right now. out here in merrifield, an accident on gallows road between route 29 and route 50. the second accident just popped up in manassas. be aware of those two accidents just south of i-66 in both of
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those cases. let's take you outside live. northbound i-95 is how it looks like in springfield. delays down in quantico. dumfries up to route one. the volume here as usual at 6:00 in the morning in springfield, we'll take a live look at 395, actually, it is still looking pretty good in landmark. no problems to report at the speed limit up to the 14th street bridge. coming up, we'll go into maryland at 6:15. back to you guys. thanks, monika. >> this morning, one person is dead after being shot by police. >> police returned fire after that man was spotted firing a gun of his own. >> this all went down last night along clay terrace and 53rd street. surae chinn is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that man is dead by the hands of police and according to witnesses, they say this man was high on drugs, on pcp and he was shooting at homes. he was using his gun and firing at homes directly. and more bullets started to fly
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when police arrived because they say this man refused to put down his gun. this all happened just before 7:00 last night in northeast on terrace or clay terrace near division avenue and checking this video, you can see a lot of shell casings, quite a bit, in fact. chief cathy lanier says as many as four to five police officers opened fire on the man with a gun who was acting erratic. >> they hear the gunshots. he's given commands to drop the weapon. he does not. officers at some point in trying to engage the suspect opened fire and the suspect was struck. the officers who engaged in fire with the suspect immediately went over to him and began to perform cpr. he looked like he was in pretty bad shape. >> and, in fact, that man went to the hospital. he died at the hospital. we have not learned the identity of this man. we're expected to hear that
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later on today. we'll also hear from a friend of this victim who doesn't believe in the actions police took. but again, police officers are trained to shoot when they feel like they're threatened. they have a gun and refuse to put it down and police fire back. so, we'll hear from this man coming up in the next half hour. back to you, mike. >> surae chinn is live outside the police headquarters in northwest this morning. >> we should know later today, the identity of a man who was fatally shot in the head. fairfax county police found him yesterday along cameron crescent drive in reston. medics rushed that man to the hospital where he later died. investigators now have three men in custody in connection with that case. this morning, three occupy d.c. protestors are on a hunger strike and they're heading to capitol hill. they want to meet with congressman darrell issa from california. the hunger strikers say they'll not eat until d.c. gets a voting member of congress and more power over its own budget. we'll find out when the sun comes up, if the occupy protestors out west are leaving
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some of the major ports out there or whether or not they'll stay for a second day. thousands of protestors tried to shut down the ports in seattle, oakland and portland, oregon. police made plenty of arrests. they used pepper spray and flash mobs to clear -- flash bombs to clear crowds in some of the places. several unions have issued statements saying they do not support the protests. andrea? >> thank you, mike. to a story now happening today, the push forward to extend the payroll tax cut. house republicans will vote on their bill to extend that cut into the new year. the g.o.p. plan includes approval for a controversial oil pipeline from canada through the midwest. it is known as the keystone xl pipeline. democrats say they won't agree to the bill. they want to fund an extension with a new tax on high income earners. so, will both parties be able to agree on anything before the tax cut ends and what influence does president obama have in this debate? joining us this morning is jeff
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mason, the white house correspondent for reuters. jeff, thank you for being here with us. >> my pleasure. >> the one thing we can agree on is there is no agreement. the house will pass their bill and senate majority leader harry reid said it is dead on arrival. where is the compromise here? >> well, there are a lot of sticking points between both sides, the house will indeed probably pass the bill today. one of the things that you mentioned that the republicans are putting in the bill is this provision about keystone, the pipeline. and the democrats do not -- and the white house do not want to have that part -- part of any bill to extend the payroll tax cut. the democrats are not going to support that. that will be a sticking point in the senate. >> why is that so important to the house republicans or republicans on capitol hill because if the pipeline is one of those shovel-ready projects as speaker boehner said, why not just vote on that tomorrow and just concentrate on the payroll tax extension and unemployment benefits? >> i think they're using it as sort of leverage with the white house and with democrats which
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the white house definitely opposes. right now, just recently, a few weeks ago, the white house and the state department said we're going to put off a decision on keystone. that's going to take another year and the republicans are upset about that. because they see it as an issue that can create jobs right away. they're connecting those two issues and the white house says no, these two are not connected. we need more time and in fact, the state department came out yesterday and said if there is legislation that puts these two things together, that will actually make us unable to issue a permit on the pipeline. >> all right. we've got 30 seconds left. we talk about the presidential bully pup pit. what is president obama doing to make this happen? >> he's basically talking about the moral high ground that he believes he has. he went on "60 minutes." >> but is he calling and engaging representatives on both sides of the aisle? come on, guys, we need to pass this. >> we've been asking jay carney, other white house officials about that. we haven't been told he's
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making lots of individual calls. the white house aides and white house officials are working very hard to get this passed. >> in the meantime, the american public is on the sidelines watching. >> waiting for it to happen. >> all right, jeff, thank you very much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> mike? >> thanks, andrea. >> jessica doyle is off all week. we're still here helping to get you hired. good news for everyone who is looking for a job. more employers say they will, indeed, be hiring in the new year. the hiring for manpower says 9% of employers they surveyed will bring on new employees just in the first quarter of 2012. that's the highest rate in three years. the surae also shows which fields will be doing most of the hiring. mining is number one on the list followed by hospitality, professional and business services and retail. the d.c. initiative to get more residents working is now in its second phase. mayor vincent gray launched one hire campaign in september. it encourages local businesses in the d.c. metro area to hire qualified, unemployed d.c. residents. mayor gray says the get hired
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campaign is showing some great promise. >> which is designed to begin to chip away at unemployment here in the district of columbia. we have had a -- an unemployment rate of about 11% overall. i think we'll get the next data, we'll see some coming down of that which is good news. >> the program is open to d.c. residents only. you can register at any d.c. public library. our time is 6:08. the man accusing jerry sandusky of abuse will share their stories today. in eight minutes, we'll go live to pennsylvania for a preview. >> one speed camera, 840 thousand dollars in tickets in three months! coming up at 6:30, find out where that camera is. >> up next, howard has our chilly tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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nouri al-maliki will visit the u.s. chamber of commerce
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today. al-maliki met with president obama monday and the two men visited arlington national cemetery. there is a push to allow cameras inside the u.s. supreme court for the upcoming areas on president obama's healthcare law. the court will hear that case in march. in the past, justices sotomayor and samuel has called for cameras in the court. >> take a look at this. rainy weather caused this pileup in california. at least 17 trucks were involved in the wreck on interstate 5 north of los angeles. two people suffered minor injuries. the wet weather there should continue today. >> heavy snow in the mountains. rain along the coast. before we get to that, i want to share something with you. we talk about things in the holidays and going shopping. weather watcher lou ann makes ornaments. this one is kind of cool. i don't know if you can zoom on this. but this is cape may sand. she's got crushed shells, a little glitter, glow in the dark glitter on the bottom.
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she wrote 2011 on it. on the back. >> thank you, for turning that for us. thank you, lou ann. that is gorgeous. you're creative, you can have some fun and make a personalized gift. >> we don't want to cycle the economy. >> lou ann, thank you for that. let's show you your bus stop forecast. we have a chill out there this morning. it is mainly clear and frosty to start the day with temperatures which are down in some spots in the upper teens to the low 30s by the bay. those are the warm areas. thankfully, winds are running on the light side. our day planner, sunshine this morning will mix with a few more clouds as the day wears on, temperatures climb into the mid to upper 40s as we head into early afternoon. then this afternoon, we'll settle up near 50 degrees for the high and by 5:00, headed home, partly cloudy and 45. so, if you're an outdoor type
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of person, you run, do it in the afternoon. it will still be on the chilly side. 19 in cumberland. 33 in washington. williams sport in the lower 20s. there is milder air not that far away. not here with 28 in columbia. 30 in springfield. 22 in reston. manassas, 21. rockville is 29. off to the east, crofton, 26. millersville at 24 degrees. winds are calm. dew points in the upper 20s. barometer is fairly steady at 30.46. southwestern u.s., we'll show you the video of the rain in los angeles and you can see the big dip in the jet out here. more rain from san diego up to l.a. then a mix of rain and snow in the southwestern u.s. heavy snow in the mountains. some areas will pick up a couple of feet in the higher elevations and then some rain moves into missouri trying to come into the tennessee valley. for us though with high pressure in control, that rain will have a tough time moving toward the east.
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we'll have a pretty good day around. some of the clouds will spill in here this afternoon in the form of the high, thin ones hopefully giving us not overcast but a pretty sunset. some of the rain will try to get here late thursday. so, short term, we're still good. a little cool today. chilly. tonight, 30s and some 20s. tomorrow, 52. thursday, mid-50s. late showers will be possible into thursday night. second wave, late friday, friday night. may give us some showers, even a couple of wet flakes but i don't think this is anything to write home about. a chilly saturday and sunday with highs back in the mid- 40s. monika samtani, 6:15. time save err traffic. >> this is the time when things get going. early on this tuesday morning, here is the outer loop, a live look from sky 9 on the outer loop, after georgia avenue, this accident blocks the left side of the roadway. you can see traffic only squeezing by in the left lane with crews on the scene. it may be here for awhile causing delays on the outer
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loop through silver spring. i will keep you posted on this situation. let's go out to the map. i want to tell you that on the eastbound side of the dulles toll road before really avenue, a glass truck lost its load of glass. it is strewn across the roadway before wheelie avenue. bw parkway, route 50 through cheverly looks ok. a bit of traffic in the new carrollton area. we'll take a live look into rockville, route 355 and route 28. a nice, live look here. no problems in the heart of rockville. 270, your normal slow traffic through the germantown area as well. we'll go back to the maps. if you're planning toous trains, metro, marc, vre are running on time. >> i'll update you on the accident in silver spring. back to you guys. the time is 6:16. in just a few hours, jerry sandusky will be in the same courtroom as some of the men who accuse him of abuse. a judge is trying to decide whether there is enough evidence for a criminal trial.
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>> this will be a chance for both the accusers and the accused to share their stories. all of this will happen in the small town of bellefonte, pennsylvania, just miles from the penn state campus. chris knolls is there live with a preview. how is this expected to unfold today, chris? >> reporter: well, good morning. as you mentioned it, just a couple of hours, we do expect the preliminary hearing to start. it will happen in courtroom one of this courthouse in center county, pennsylvania where for the first time, jerry sandusky will come face-to-face with his accusers. ten alleged victims say jerry sandusky sexually assaulted them when they were boys. some say the abuse happened in sandusky's home. right now, he's free on bail, wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet and maintains his innocence. >> how many more children do you expect to come forward, jerry? >> during tuesday's proceedings, the prosecution has to convince the judge there is enough evidence to take the
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case to trial. >> sandusky's attorney doesn't think the thing is going to get thrown out. there is an avalanche of claims against him. even if only one of the kids is believed, that's a serious case. >> sandusky's alleged victims will have the opportunity to testify. it is not clear how many will be in court. at least one man is preparing for what his attorney says will be a very difficult day. >> he has been told to essentially tell the truth. and prepare by simply trying to relax as best as he can. >> they will likely be asked to recount the horrendous acts they say sandusky committed and will be subjected to tough questions from the defense. >> we're looking for people to tell us specifically what they're saying happened and then what we're going to do is start trying to prove that that probably didn't happen the way they said. >> now, someone else who could take the stand today, another
6:19 am
former assistant coach at penn state, mike mcqueary, remember his grand jury testimony put jerry sandusky in a shower, a locker room performing a sexual act on a young boy. we're live in bellefonte, pennsylvania. mike? >> chris, what about the people expected to show up to support sandusky, his wife has recently made a public comment supporting him. are there expected to be others in the courtroom on his side? >> reporter: well, we know that both obviously jerry sandusky and his wife, dottie, they maintain his innocence. dottie sandusky helped put up the bail that brought in a $50,000 check just a few days ago to get her husband out on a quarter million dollars bail. it is unknown if she will be in the courtroom today. mike? >> thank you, chris knowles live in bell front, pennsylvania. our bruce leshan is also there. he will be covering today's hearing. the only local television reporter with a seat inside the courtroom. he'll have live updates for us
6:20 am
tonight beginning at 5:00. you can also follow developments all day long on it is 6:20. next in sports, a basketball thriller at howard and a dud on monday night football. >> it is time before our break to check on the question of the morning. between the ages of 2 and 5, the average child does which one of these things, roughly 400,000 times? is it a, say no? b, ask a question. or c, start crying. >> our facebook friends always have something good to say. david writes what's that, what's this? we're guessing his question is b, ask a question. >> be right back.
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how should here with your weather first on this frosty tuesday morning. once again, many temperatures down in the 20s. if you park outside, you know the drill. a couple of extra minutes to scrape the window. let's get you going with a look at the day planner.
6:24 am
high clouds will mix in. more so this afternoon than this morning. by noon, we're up to 45. northwest winds 5 to 10. a little bit of a breeze out there. we'll have a slight wind chill with highs this afternoon right around that 50 degree mark. mike? >> in sports, the capitals will try for their first four game winning streak since halloween. >> the puck drops at the verizon center at 7:00. northwest washington between howard university and st. francis. tied with 35 seconds left. ben hits the three-pointer. there it is! terriers to give them the lead. clocks ticking down. howard with one shot left at the buzzer. falls short. they fall to 3-7. >> monday night football featuring two teams with a combined seven wins. seattle, we know what they did with the losing streak last year. against st. louis, the seahawks blocked a punt in the first quarter. robinson picked it up and takes it 17 yards for a touchdown.
6:25 am
seattle rolls past st. louis 30-13. >> i'll bet that has to be the lowest rated monday night football game in history. >> seattle, yikes. >> big thank you to everyone sending in pictures and video of their holiday lights. we really like seeing them and sharing them on tv. >> let's get to more. we head to gaithersburg, maryland. diane and marshall sent in this shot of their home. look at that. they definitely went all out. not only are there reindeer, santas, a snow globe and winnie the pooh, you can see a patriotic theme there as well with the big red, white and blue ribbon. and the american flag all in christmas lights. >> we love it! we would like to see your holiday displace. take a picture or video or e- mail and get it to us. lights at you can also post it to our facebook page. please be sure to include your name and where you live so we can tell people where to check them out. >> time is 6:25. up next, changes coming to
6:26 am
driver's ed programs in virginia. >> learn what's in it for residents and businesses in the free state. >> monika has a quick check of traffic. >> on the outer loop of the beltway, after georgia avenue, if you look closely on the right side there, accident moved to the right shoulder but left slow traffic for you. i'll have more details on what's going on in silver spring coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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6:30. this is the place you can always get your weather first. let's send some positive vibes over this way, shall we? maybe get some agreement going on in that building right there, capitol hill. >> chilly temperatures. >> starting to come. >> it is beautiful. >> thanks for keeping us on. monika will have traffic in a moment. >> howard, again, we're taking pity on him. it is so cold. >> i do appreciate it. >> it is chilly. >> we've got temps down in a few spots. lots of 20s out there. a frosty morning. another decent december day around here as temperatures climb into the mid-40s by lunchtime. i'll have high clouds mixing in this afternoon with a high around 50. and a northwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour.
6:31 am
dry for another couple of days. clouds yesterday. high, thin ones for the most part. but they robbed us of a few degrees. we stopped at about 46. today near 50 with clear skies this morning. just a few clouds moving in this afternoon. 19 in cumberland and frederick. leesburg, 27. even in cross junction, 27 there. we've got lots of low and mid- 20s across southern maryland, down toward manassas as well. your highs today will be pushing up toward that 50 degree mark in most areas. let's send it over to monika with another update on timesaver traffic. >> we're taking a live look from sky 9. i have some good news, this accident in silver spring was moved to the shoulder. here's the bad news. look at your screen on the outer loop. my goodness. it is slow. right through silver spring. trying to get toward georgia avenue. that earlier accident set the tone for this at 6:31 a.m. we're going to take a look at college park. i think over at 95, everything is ok. this is just to give you some perspective of where the accident is on the outer loop after actually georgia avenue.
6:32 am
let's take a look into college park. the delays begin after this point closer to 95 as we head into silver spring, it will be pretty solid again as you saw trying to get past the earlier accident. now, we'll take a look at 270 at montrose road. overall, delays on 270, as usual. it has been a little unusual. slow out of frederick. through germantown and a little here as well in rockville. not too bad as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. now, i have a story that's new this morning. it affects teenage drivers and their parents in virginia. this morning, the virginia department of education along with drive smart, virginia, will launch their new sharing the road with trucks curriculum which will eventually be used in every driver's ed course in the state of virginia. it is designed to help teen drivers make safe and smart decisions when driving around trucks. in virginia, in 2008, nearly 40, 15 to 24 years olds were killed in crashes involving commercial vehicles.
6:33 am
so, the executive director of drive smart virginia will join me here in the studio tomorrow morning to give details on this new, important safety program. so, what they're trying to say is definitely a technique, not only for teenagers but for adults as well. >> i always was told by my father, they're bigger than you are, you're not in a rush to go anywhere. get out of their way. >> that will be tomorrow. >> sounds good, thanks, monika. >> we told you there were speed cameras going up on the beltway in silver spring. apparently no one listened. the camera snapped 21,000 photos in three months and aaa says that will bring $840,000 in revenue for the state. the camera was set up in a work zone along the beltway west of new hampshire avenue. statewide, work zone speed cameras in maryland hauled in $16 million in tickets in the first ten months of the year. wow. today, we hope to learn more about what led to a police shooting and killing of a man. >> we do know that police were called to his northeast
6:34 am
neighborhood last night after reports the man was firing a gun. >> surae chinn is live outside d.c. police headquarters with more on what we do know in this case. good morning, surae. >> good morning. detectives returned to headquarters about a couple of hours ago. they spent the night investigating back out at the scene. they want to return their -- once it is daylight, to get a full canvas of the area, to talk to witnesses, to find out exactly what happened in this police-involved shooting that did turn deadly. witnesses actually called 911 saying they saw this man and heard shots being fired at homes. and once police arrived, they spotted this man who was doing just that. they told the man to put down the gun. he refused. that's when police opened fire. this all happened before 7:00 last night in the 5300 block of clay terrace off division avenue northeast. well, we also talked with napoleon sullivan. he says he was a friend of the man for seven years and he
6:35 am
believes that the police actions were a bit excessive. >> as far as i know, he was shot over maybe 15 times by the police. good guy. into sports. we play a lot of sports. we play video games together. the situation, this event, it don't have his name on it. it is not his curse. >> police have not released the identity of this man. we expect that later on this morning. back to you, mike. >> surae chinn reporting live outside police headquarters in northwest this morning. thank you, surae. hearts were heavy in blacksburg, virginia, as thousands came out to honor virginia tech campus police officer deriek crouse. the 39-year-old father of five was remembered as a loving husband and a loyal pittsburgh steelers fan. at yesterday's funeral, virginia governor bob mcdonnell spoke of crouse's dedication to his job. >> without the sacrifices that derek was willing to make,
6:36 am
they're idle words on parchment and our freedoms are shallow. >> investigators are still trying to figure out a motive in officer crouse's murder. maryland governor martin o'malley brought back a lot more than a few souvenirs from his recent trip to india. yesterday, he announced millions of dollars coming to the state because of some big business deals. >> nearly $60 million in business deals for our state. and there are several additional deals worth millions more that we're still working on and still coming in. >> governor o'malley says india is buying everything from road construction technology to biomedical services for maryland-based companies according to the u.s. state department, maryland is one of the largest states doing business with india. >> 6:36. jessica doyle is off this week but we're still watching your money and we're all spending more these days on our electric bills. nationwide, the average home
6:37 am
pays $1,419 a year for electricity. that's up nearly $300 since 2005. most of us are well above the national average. in the district, the average electric bill is $1,722 a year. in maryland, it is $1760 while in virginia, the average electric bill is $1,284 a year. maybe those bills are going up because so many people are playing video games. sales of call of duty, modern warfare three topped $1 billion in just 16 days. "usa today" estimates 60 million copies of the game have been sold. tired of those tv commercials being louder than your regular programming? that's about to change! today, the fcc will pass rules requiring shows and commercials to be at the same volume level. a study finds some commercials are 25% louder than the shows on which they air. >> what? >> get your attention though. >> oh, boy, it is loud. >> glad you're here.
6:38 am
up next, we have some experts here. a different way to do a tasty dish for the holidays. in mine minutes, we're going into the cafe. >> they're making a little chicken and wine. >> we'll let you know how it tastes. it sounds like good comfort food for a cold morning. i have to say though, tolerable 50 degrees. up next, howard tells us about a warm-up later in the week.
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>> look at this beautiful shot of the capitol.
6:43 am
a few minutes ago, it was really dark. we couldn't see it. now, we see the -- from the burnt siennas to deep blue. lovely shot. >> the pallet of the premorning sky behind the capitol. >> our english teachers are proud of us. >> they're called adjectives. >> weatherwise -- i was paying attention some of the time. >> weatherwise, paid attention in those classes, as well. cold, frosty morning. crunchy on the grass blades as the ice forms, the frost and you will be scraping it off the windshields unfortunately if you park outside. we have temperatures ranging from the upper teens north of town to the lower 30s by the bay. winds are fairly light and sunrise. about 35 minutes at 7:18. our day planner, we're look at sunshine today. high clouds will mix in especially this afternoon. lower 40s at 11:00.
6:44 am
upper 40s at 1:00. near 50 for a high this afternoon. northwesterly winds 9, 7 miles per hour. in the 5 to 10 range. a bit of a wind chill for the 5:00 p.m. reading of 45 degrees under partly cloudy skies. we've got 20s and 30s up there. up to 23 at reagan national. culpepper, 21. hagerstown also 25. and last time i checked, frederick between 18 and 19 along with cumberland and york. we show you the wind chills, hardly any winds. look at the national satellite and radar. in the southwest, jet stream coming across mexico and texas. oklahoma up to missouri. out through california, into arizona and new mexico and colorado, utah, rain and then mountain snows, some of this has been on the hefty side. when it is storming in the southwest, you've got a ridge in the southeast. that means pretty quiet around here. temperatures at or above normal. this is a pattern that is not conducive for snow around here.
6:45 am
it is just too warm and the storms generally track toward the great lakes. high pressure, well, this morning, it is in ohio. it will be with us today. no problems as this is going to protect us for the clouds and the moisture out west. then the next storm system is going to head up toward the great lakes. maybe bringing us some rain around here by late thursday in the form of showers and possibly friday night, might be cold enough for just some wet snow to mix in. 50 degrees today. not much. precip amounts look light. tonight, we'll be back in the 20s and 30s. 52 tomorrow. by thursday, mid to maybe upper 50s with a chance of late showers. friday, a second wave comes. friday night, saturday morning, could be some showers, maybe a few wet flakes. cooler temperatures saturday and sunday. generally be dry after the early precip. with highs in the mid-40s. let's go to monika samtani. 6:45. she has the latest time save err traffic. >> tuesday is getting a reputation from going to terrific to terrible. this is what it looks like from sky 9 on the outer loop of the beltway at the 95 interchange in college park heading all the way into silver spring because
6:46 am
of an earlier accident after georgia avenue. this is what set the tone for this rush hour and it is also affecting southbound 95 coming in from maryland, 200 all the way to the outer loop. let's take a live look at college park itself. you can see again, it is backing up all the way to route one trying to get into silver spring this morning. by the way, the lanes are open. let's take a look at 66 in virginia on the inbound side of 66, typical slow traffic as you try to get into manassas. about 21 miles per hour. it will be off and on delays. no problems to report luckily on 66. we'll take a live look on 95 on the northbound side, overall delays in quantico, then basically off and on as you leave dale city to springfield on to 395 and landmark as well. coming up, we'll take a look at that beltway delay in silver spring. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >> the holidays are here, right? just in case you're sick of doing the same ole, same ole whether it is turkey or ham,
6:47 am
our friends from henry's soul cafe are here to give you an alternative. it involves chicken but this is a delectable dish right here. >> yes. >> with me right now is jermaine smith and gerard brooks. >> we're going to do one of our great favorites from our catering menu, the chicken breast with white wine sauce. >> ok. >> we'll start out with a little bit of oil in the pan. we're going to put a little seal on this. we're going to let this hang out for a minute anding it is just a great dish, you know, if you're not thinking about the traditional turkey or traditional ham. a lot of times you get into the christmastime, people want to have parties and they want to have things that is a little different. >> get a variety, a choice. >> now, this is preseasonned. it smells wonderful. >> right. this is preseasonned with a little bit of all-purpose seasoning, rosemary, thyme, and then salt and pepper. >> ok. basically, what happens is
6:48 am
we'll put a little seal on it and we'll sear both sides. then what will happen is we'll bring it off. of course, it is not done right now. >> we'll bring it off. then we'll start to make the sauce. within the sauce, we'll add a little bit of the seasoning in the pan. >> ok. >> which seasoning is that? >> that's a little bit of the all-purpose seasoning. >> a little bit of the garlic in the pan. >> then we're going to add a little bit of the flour. then we're going to add a piece of butter. what this is going to do, this is going to make a nice little roux for us. traditionally, what happens with this is after we start to make this roux, then we're going to add a touch the white wine. that's going to loosen it up a little bit. then right at that point there, we're going to add the milk. >> we've got about 30 seconds left, what else is in there and
6:49 am
then we'll move over to the finished product. >> surprisingly, that's it. >> you're kidding. >> we put this back into the pan. we put a little bit of capers. put a little bit of red pepper. we throw that in the oven. that's it. >> it is pretty easy but if it is too challenging, they do do catering. >> 17th and u street, oxon hill, maryland. fourth and k. catering line, henrysoul best food in town. >> we'll conduct you also on definitely have to taste it. >> you guys are so jealous. we'll be right back with the news before you go. >> thanks a lot.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
we're looking at 6:52 this morning. some areas in the upper teens.
6:53 am
cold, frosty start. 45 by noon. we'll have a high near 50 degrees this afternoon. some clouds mix in with the sunshine. andrea? >> thank you, howard. today is tuesday, december 13th. here is a check on the news before you go. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky heads to court today. so will six of the men who accused him of abusing them when they were boys. today's preliminary hearing will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed with the trial. washington gas will pay more than $700,000 to clean up a site along the anacostia river. its old plant near the 11th street bridge was there and hazardous chemicals were dumped into the water for a century. the plant was demolished back in 1996. >> rushern baker is open to the idea of a slots parlor in his county. slots would be a way to pay for projects in the county. the owners of the ris way want to add machines there. >> the question of the morning was kids between the ages of 2
6:54 am
and 5 do an average of this 400,000 times in the three year span. is it a, ask a question. -- a, say no. >> b, ask a question. >> the answer is b. ask a question. >> are we there yet? when is dinner? >> one more check on traffic and weather is next. right here on 9news now. stay with us.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> we want to say thank you to one of our absolute favorite people here at channel 9. sandy tucker has been here 40 years. ! >> look who's here. your family! her husband. and her two daughters. >> let's have a great reaction to that. >> oh, my gosh. >> she had no idea they were here. >> they were home when you
6:58 am
left. >> the reason why we're celebrating in case you missed it earlier, sandy has been at broadcast house for 40 years! she's not going anywhere. there she is. if you take a quick look -- she looks the same. you have not changed at all. so beautiful. >> thank you. >> did you ever think you would make 40 years? >> no. but you guys make it easy. you guys make it easy. >> were you 16 when you started here? oh, my gosh, you look so young. >> you were 8? >> did she have any idea you guys were getting ready as she was leaving the house? were you fast asleep? >> no. >> they were fast asleep, i'm sure. >> congratulations! and the best part about it is that she's not going anywhere. she's going to continue making memories but what's your favorite memory you have of 40 years here? >> oh, my goodness. >> your kids were born while you were here. >> a lot of great newspeople. just great people i've worked with. >> you had a chance to meet
6:59 am
some pretty impressive people walk through this building. >> jerry lewis. >> i met jerry lewis. >> that's a good thing. >> that's classic. >> among others. >> many others. we're glad you're working here with us this the morning. >> thank you. i love the mornings. >> thanks again to the henry soul cafe. >> and family, thanks for getting up early! >> you're welcome. >> all right, howard? >> chilly today. frosty this morning. we'll be around 50 this afternoon. maybe a chance for a few showers by later in the day on thursday. >> take one live look at the big story on the outer loop. college park to silver spring, earlier accident has been cleared. >> on the early show, dick cheney gives his perspective on what's going on on capitol hill. >> you'll be back. >> monika and i will be back at 7:25 with a live update on traffic and weather. >> see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. >> we're always online at web er

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